But why?

Well... because many people who’ve ordered an EV don’t actually have a clue when their vehicle is going to be delivered.

A delivery date given by a seller often doesn’s come near the actual delivery date. It also seems there’s randomness at play. Some people get their EV delivered much sooner than others, but no one seems to know why.
Out of frustration people start posting lists with estimates and delivery times for different models, trims, colors on EV-related online forums. We see that happening all the time, and so we thought: wouldn’t it be cool to bundle all those efforts together in one worldwide database?

If I add my data, will my EV get here sooner?

Nope, sorry, sending us data about your order will not change the actual delivery date. But it does give people in your country something to compare to. It will only take you just half a minute to do so, so just go for it. It will make you feel better, promised!

Isn’t this a first-world problem?

Yup, it definitely is. But transitioning to electric transportation is an urgent matter for our planet’s health. In an ideal scenario, prospective EV-buyers can make a more informed choice on which EV to order by consulting EVdelivery’s crowd-sourced data. And perhaps drive an EV sooner that way. We can dream, can we?

Where’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t any to be honest. This is just another stupid project that only costs a lot of time and (some) money. There is no business model, and you are definitely not the product. It’s just one of those ideas that start with an itch, a pinch of frustration, the felt neccessity to do something about it, and before you know it, things are rolling...